Thursday, November 13, 2008


I got home from work yesterday to find Boo had a broken buckle on her school shoes. The entire buckle had failed and the metal had snapped. Thankfully Merry Hill is on it's Christmas opening hours so after I'd collected Shaggy from her Wednesday evening job I whizzed down to Clarks.
It's so nice to actually get good customer service! The girl took one look at the shoe and said it was a component failure and immediately offered a full refund or a new pair of shoes. Luckily they had a pair in Boo's size so she was soon sorted. Well done Clarks for doing the right thing - we were in and out in ten minutes. Totally unlike the school jumper episode in September.
The day job has quietened down for a spell so I'm making the most of taking a little of my time back and catching up with the things we'd intended to do before we got swamped. I so love my new job and the people I'm working with I keep getting carried away and working too many hours so I have to watch myself.
Thanks to the shoe episode and all the running around yesterday I didn't do any writing so I need to get going again if I'm going to crack my target by the end of the month. I did find time to read Liz Fielding's new book - Wedded in a Whirlwind. This is a fabulous story, I highly recommend it! Whenever I read one of Liz's books or one of Jessica Hart's I get struck down with writers envy.

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Phillipa said...

Glad to hear of some good customer service Nell. It always helps the blood pressure. I agree about Liz's books. I get writers' envy too, when I read them (except I've hardly done any reading lately.) Good luck with Big Book which has such a a great premise (winks)

P x