Sunday, November 16, 2008

X Factor again again

So we waved goodbye to William Shatner's younger brother, the lovely Daniel. I didn't think he was the worst one on the show though.
Rachel was all over the shop - as usual.
Alexandra was terrific.
JLS needed to be given something a bit more up to date to sing - we have had other great groups other than the ***** Beatles. Queen, Simply Red, Hot Chocolate, Rolling Stones, Oasis, BeeGee's, Roxy Music, the list goes on - surely to heaven somebody could do something more imaginitive.
I have no clue about the song little Hedgehog did. I've never heard it before in my life - I even checked with the belles who are much more clued up than me and they'd never heard it before either.
Little Diana - the poor mans Duffy, did the frog chorus and looked sad although she had no problem squealing her head off when she went home in the week.
Ruth sang up a storm even though Brian Friedman did his best to silence her by wrapping her up in toilet roll like a demented version of the Andrex puppy while she belted out Angels.
Can't wait for next week but tonight it's I'm a Celeb. I love naff TV.
Now, on with the writing - 6k+ to go!

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