Sunday, November 23, 2008

X Factor more

Hmm, interesting stuff last night. I thought Diana (frog chorus) Vickers should have been in the last two with Rachel. I thought the right person went although her last song was the best she's been ever since she came on the show. Ruth was amazing as was Alexandra. Little Hedgehog did a Troy Bolton impression and JLS seemed out of sync. No idea what was going on between Danni and Louis but I really miss Sharon.
Great to see Same Difference again - they just shine with joy and lift the atmosphere so much. I hope their tour does really well.
I'm a Celeb had David Van Day jibbering in a hole underground covered in bugs while Brian Paddick showed his all to the nation. Tonight we get to see Timmy Mallet tortured - marvellous. Just wish someone would make Esther do something. She sits there like one of the three witches from Macbeth poking the fire while George (Mr Sulu) Takei says 'oh my' every two minutes.
This weekend has been incredibly frustrating and annoying for all kinds of reasons. None of which I could do anything about but even so it's meant I haven't got on with any of the things I had planned and I now have a ton of stuff to sort out on Monday.

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Sally Lawton said...

Oooh, I LOVE Ruth. She was AMAZING and I'm still bigging up Alexandra too.
I agree, Diana should have been in the bottom two, definitely. I'm shocked Gary Barlow said he'd sign her???
I'm glad Rachel went and I agree, Sharon should come back and Danni should go!
Oooh, I love it :-)