Thursday, November 20, 2008

On with the show

Boo had a nice birthday, I can't believe she'd 12 already. She loved her thick fluffy Snoopy dressing gown. I took her and her friends to see HSM3 - lets just say I needed wine when I got back!
Dress rehearsal went okay although I need to fix Shaggy's top hat with elastic and spray it with hairspray to stop us getting covered in silver glitter everytime anyone even breathes near it. First show tonight and parent teacher interviews this afternoon.
It looks ominously dark outside and I'm hoping it doesn't snow.


Michelle Styles said...

Happy Birthday to Boo!

I havedevotedly thankful that my lot are not in HS in any of its forms.

Kate Hardy said...

Happy belated birthday to Boo!

Neither of mine are into HS... at the moment. But daughter is enjoying choir, forcing me to buy soundtracks, and is already planning to join drama club when she goes to high school :o)

Hope you have a nice w/e and no snow.