Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's grey and drizzly here today. I didn't hear or see many fireworks last night, I suspect the credit crunch has taken it's toll. I was always amazed when I worked at Asda selling fireworks what people were prepared to spend. The huge expensive £50 and £25 a throw jobs would go like hot cakes. I always felt so mean taking home my £14.99 selection box and extra pack of rockets.
Last night was also my local writers group meeting - as always it was great fun and I now know about Japanese Haiku poetry even if my dyscalculia means I get a severe headache if I try to write it.
The dance show is drawing nearer along with the rehearsal schedule and Miss Boo's bithday. Her actual birthday is the day of the dress rehearsal so I think I'll try and sort something out for a few days later for her birthday. She'd like a cinema trip followed by Pizza, I'm hoping the cinema's don't do their usual trick and pull all the child friendly films around her birthday ready for the Christmas ones to kick off a week later. Better go do my research - High School Musical 3 anyone?

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