Saturday, November 08, 2008

X Factor again

Tonight is apparantly Mariah Carey night. Hmm, I can only think of two songs she's done. I can't say I'm a fan although I like her Christmas one. It's be a challenge for Daniel, Little Hedgehog and JLS to sing one of her tracks although the Sun, that fount of all knowledge and reliable facts, says 'little' Diana has lost her voice. I won't be mean and say what I thought when I read the news. Instead I'll wish all the contestants good luck.
I'm up to 18K on my project now, just finished chapter five. I'd love to hit 30k by the end of November - I know I said December before but I really need to push this on before I go back to Crystal Clear. I've had a real boost this week and some lovely messages from readers of Blue Remembered Heels.
A reminder that if you want copies, either electronic or print of my Moonlit and By Grace books grab them now! Once December 31st arrives they'll be gone.


Phillipa said...

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow and talking writing...
P x

Jessica Raymond said...

What did you think of the results?

Nell said...

I think Laura and Rachel should have been in the bottom two and Rachel should go. She has a fresh excuse each week but the truth is she sings flat and there's only one style of song that will probably suit her. I think it's unfair that Diana has had a by into the next round. I wonder how much of it was that she would fail at the Mariah task and be booted?

Jessica Raymond said...

I agree with you. I only realized how bad Rachel was when they showed the re-cap with the phone numbers at the end. I don't know why the judges didn't say anything about the various bum notes she produced!

And yes, good point about Diana. I notice that in the VT of them at the bonfire she had no problems screaming and shouting.

As for Laura, I had a number of issues with her. (1) She was talked about as a "favourite" from the very beginning which, to me, smacked very much of a PR campaign, mainly because... (2) She had NOTHING that made her stand out. Yes, she has a good singing voice, but an actual "X" factor? Nope. And then there's... (3) The huge fuss they made about how great she was for singing AND playing the piano but strangely the piano kept tinkling along after she'd got up and walked off!

Rant over. Didn't know I cared so much!

Nell said...

My big problem with Laura is she has one volume - LOUD. She shouts through every song and she has this strange fake American accent when she tries to do ballards. Plus, she runs all her words together so she's hard to understand. I think the right decision was made but I'd like to see Rachel go as I really think she's on borrowed time.