Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ruth got knocked out of X Factor last night. Absolutely bonkers! JLS and Diana were much worse. Alexandra sang up a storm and Ruth was amazing. Little Hedgehog gurned for the camera and did his High School Musical routine. JLS were good on their second song. Diana was useless as usual - back to the no shoes as she walks like a turkey and would be way taller than the others if she wore heels. Again she didn't move about - there are never any clips of her with Brian learning routines which is grossly unfair as the others all have demanding routines to learn as well as their songs.
Britney Spears mimed through a tired looking dance routine.
Then it was I'm a celeb - How much longer do we have to suffer David Van Day and Esther Rantzen? Esther is more annoying than Timmy Mallet and that's a difficult thing to do.
Ah well, on with the show I suppose.
December 1st tomorrow and my calendar is filling up fast although as usual the youngest belle's school hasn't given us any dates for the school fayre, the carol service or the nativity evening. It really annoys me when they drop things on parents at the last minute usually they are during work time and expect people to attend. Hello - the day of the stay at home lady of leisure ended in the fifties. The mum's who aren't in paid work usually have other commitments too, caring for other children, relatives etc. We need a few weeks notice to organise diaries.

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Biddy said...

I know! Shocking! Diana or the Hedgehog should have gone. Although Ruth is a bit shouty for me (not sure I could handle an album by her) she was much better. But I am an Alexandra girl... can't help it even though it isn't my usual style of singing.
And Esther... you've got to admit the Fire Safety rant was a classic!