Monday, June 01, 2009

shoes and the NHS again!

For all of you that remember the last saga of Miss la's shoes well, guess what? Sigh. Miss La has hypermobility of her joints, this especially effects her feet so she needs wedges fitted to the outside of her shoes to help with her balance and stop her feet turning in and an arch support fitted inside the shoe to stop her feet from hurting. She's been having this done since she was two - until she was seven she wasn't een allowed shoes, she had to wear boots.
Fast forward to two years ago when Mac, the experienced pillar of the othotic dept retired. Ever since then it's been hell on wheels to get her shoes fixed. The last time, they changed the rules and didn't tell me then insisted she had to be seen again before they would fix the shoes even though she wasn't due to be seen for another six months. That took ages to sort out.
This time I called my GP and asked him to write and ask if they needed to see her this time before fixing the shoes or could I just drop the shoes in as it had only been six months since they last saw her.
That was April - since then nada - zip. I've called and called and either get a nice man who says they have the letter but the girl who does appts insn't there or I get cut off then the phone is off the hook, or noone answers or the line is busy. It's absolutely ridiculous - so guess how I'm spending a lovely sunny afternoon?

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Julie Day said...

Blimey, poor La. I thought I had awkward feet, with wide and sensitive feet/skin. I wish you all the luck in getting shoes for her.