Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My name is Nell and I am a Blueberry addict. I love this time of year when those tempting little boxes of fruity juiciness appear in the supermarkets. I really don't eat much chocolate at all - maybe the odd Bounty bar if I'm feeling stressed but Blueberries - yum.
One more day to go and I can focus on the RNA conference at Penrith. I need Mr Nell to rescue my case with the wonky wheel from the loft and I need to ensure that I'm packing extra caffeine in my handbag and I'll be good to go. I travel pretty light as I don't possess a huge choice of clothes and I only possess four pairs of shoes altogether and one of those pairs are my green work wellies. So I'll be the scruffy woman with the dodgy suitcase and the coffee in her bag eating blueberries at the railway station. I am harmless and if you come and talk to me I might even offer you a blueberry.


Phillipa said...

Blueberries area very good addiction to have... have a graet time at the Conference, Nell!

Anonymous said...

I recall glam shoes you fashion queen.. so modest.
I will talk to you anytime - even without the blueberry bribes.
Now. Scottish raspberries... LOL
See you tomorrow
YIKES! Is it tomorrow?
Must write faster. And think about packing. And,..have to go now..