Monday, July 20, 2009

Schools not out

Argh, I was convinced that all the belles broke up on Friday - wrong. Miss La still has two days to do. Roll on September when for a whole lovely year they will all be at the same school. This weekend is the first time in ages that I was home, with four clear days and Mr Nell wasn't on nights so I could catch up on some much needed jobs. What happens? My stupid back goes. So I'm dosed on painkillers, hobbling around and muttering rude words under my breath everytime I look at the dustbunnies and piles of stuff that need to be moved, cleared and sorted.
Next Saturday we're off to Wales so it won't get done then either.


Susan Rix said...

Oh no! *HUGS*. I know it's not easy to ignore dustbunnies but they're not as important as taking care of yourself. Treat yourself to taking things easy - your back needs it. xx

Lis said...

Hope the painkillers are helping with the pain. Enjoy your trip to Wales!