Saturday, July 04, 2009


Well, as you all know I had a real wobble last week about my writing and where I was going. My lovely agent has helped me clarify a lot of my thoughts and basically I've decided to shelve 'A Scattering of Leaves' for the time being.
I'm focusing on Just Look at me Now and finishing off edits when they come in for Charlie Darling and Crystal Clear. I know now where my strengths lie and I've a new project i'm really excited about. It's another speculative thing and it's going to be so much fn to write that I just can't wait. It's working title is 'Me, You and Him.'The story is just falling into place and I'm just so jazzed about it.
I think I'll be making a playlist and hunting up some inspirational pics in the next few weeks but I'm definitely going to be diving head first into the unknown!


Anonymous said...

Totally professional as always Nell.
'Just look at me now' sounds SO fabulous - and the new project wil be a brilliant boost.
Have a great weekend.

Jessica Raymond said...

Sounds exciting! And hooray for the agent :) x

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray for your agent!

It is good tht you have direction and you are excited.

Julie Day said...

Good luck with the new project. You never know, while you do your new project you might come up with new ideas for Scattering. Then you might want to go back to it. That's what I did on one of my novels in the past.