Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Errand day

Day off today from the day job - I'm supposed to have Mondays and Tuesdays off but like yesterday things get moved around. I made it to Warwick and back despite missing a connection in Birmingham and cutting it a bit fine. Today is a bit of a run around day, schlepping the belles to school, work experience, Morris dancing etc.
I need to dig out a case to pack my stuff in for the conference. I don't actually take much with me but I tend to bring a lot back - mainly books - so I need to make sure I can manage everything.
I'm hoping I can get some writing done today too. Have started the new project and need to make sure I stay on schedule for Just Look at Me Now. I usually find going to the conference really boosts my productivity when I come back as I get all enthused after listening to other writers and hearing about how they tackle different issues. Just lately having written a load of academic stuff it's really knocked me off my creative writing stride.
I can't even get into Big Brother this year. They are all so unlikeable. The only people I quite like are Marcus and Servash. The rest are just either creepy, unpleasant or bitchy with no redeeming features. On the other hand I love watching Supersizers - I was livid last week when they took it off because the tennis over ran. I hate sports and tennis is so deadly dull, I wish they would spare a thought for those of us who really don't want to watch it. Last night's Supersizers was set in France at the time of the revolution. Giles and Sue are hilarious and the shows are so interesting.

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