Thursday, July 02, 2009


It's always a special thrill when someone you know sells a book and even better when you see their precious baby launched into the world.
Look out for Nina Harrington's 'Always the Bridesmaid', available from eharlequin!
Go congratulate her yourself HERE and don't forget to grab yourself a copy!.
Congratulation's Nina!


liz fenwick said...

My copy from Amazon just land on my door step tomorrow. Can't wait! So excited.

ps are you 'conferencing'

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Liz! Yes, I'm conferencing - are you?

liz fenwick said...

Counting the days now! It is mine time for me and my writing. See you there.

ninaharrington said...

Thank you Nell-it is wonderful to share my new arrival with pals. Hope to wet the baby's head with you at the conference!
Looking forward to it.
Love Nina

Nell Dixon said...

I'm hoping there'll be copies for sale at the conference.