Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nice warm glow

A few years ago I stumbled into the strange surreal world of the Bat Cave over at eHarlequin. The friends I made there will hate me for saying this but they are the most generous, warm, supportive group of people. Through them I heard about Moonlit Romance and one of the bats was also my editor. Without Laura and her unstinting patience through the many rewrites and edits of my first book I would never have been published. Not only is she a superb editor she is also a gifted writer herself and she's one of the people, along with Jess, Kimberly and my editor and agent, who's opinion of my writing I really trust. So I was especially thrilled when This appeared, as I know even though she's my friend she wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it.


Laura Hamby said...

Awwwww. I'm blushing. I must say, I value your opinion of my writing muchly, Nell. Hugs and smooshes, ~L

Valerie Parv said...

As one of the bats, I wish to protest this besmirching of our bad name. We are a horrible, weird bunch of writers who never say anything positive if we can help it, and any supporting of other writers is purely coincidental. We will forgive the oversight this once, Nell, and keep reading your wonderful books anyway. Batty smooches, Valerie