Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost done

I've hopefully made my last pre Christmas post office visit. I've given out almost all of my cards and parcels except for the people who'll be sharing Christmas day with us. I've sent e cards to those people whose addresses I've misplaced when my computer died and I lost a file. Everything is wrapped up except one last little item which I hope will arrive before Christmas. Bits of the house are emerging from the usual chaos although I doubt if everything I'd like to have done will get done in time for the big day. Yesterday, one of my best friends stopped by and we had our annual catch up and present swap which was lovely.
I just have one more day at the day job - Tuesday and then I can really get into the Christmas spirit. My cold is still hanging on along with my winter cough but hopefully that'll be better by Christmas Eve so I can enjoy the carols at the Christingle service.
I've been thinking about carols a lot, I like some of the newer ones like - Come, join the celebration but I love the traditional ones too. My favourite is Good Christian men rejoice - which is traditionally sung on Christmas day. What's your favourite?

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