Saturday, December 27, 2008

Black and blue

Well, my left arm is, from my wrist to my shoulder. I also have a nice big bruise on my bum, probably from landing on so many steps. To cap off my awful, no-good terrible bad day my male angel fish, Brad, died. So poor Angie is a widow and looking very lonesome and sad without her mate to bully and harrass.
I did have some nice things happen though too, my thanks to the lovely readers who emailed me yesterday to say they'd read Blue Remembered Heels over the holiday and had enjoyed it. It's so nice when people say they've enjoyed something you've written.
Mr Nell has taken Miss La shopping today, her Christmas money is already burning a big hole in her pocket as she wants a new semi-acoustic guitar. Santa seemed to do well with the rest of the Belle's gifts, they got a WII between them and have been happily bowling and playing on the music game ever since. Boo got a mini sewing machine and a snowglobe for her collection. Shaggy got an Animal handbag and cd's. La got Professor Layton and the Curious Village for her DS and has been glued to it ever since solving puzzles.
I got socks - yay! A gorgeous Radley purse to put in the bag I bought in October, cd's of The Killers and Nickelback, earrings, perfume and lots of lovely, lovely, books. I also got some money so I'm planning to replenish my almost gone supply of Elemis Milk bath and body lotion. Elemis is horrendously expensive but it's the only stuff that really suits my skin and believe me I've tried most things, and it does last me a really long time, so it's my treat to myself.
What did you get for Christmas?


Phillipa said...

Nell - Sorry you had a bump. Hope those bruises fade - can't you get Mr Nell to rub some Elemis on them? I had tickets to see Russell Brand and a gorgeous boho handbag among other things.

Michelle Styles said...

Poor you Nell. Hopefully nothing is broken.
Glad you had a good Christmas in other ways.