Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Five minutes of fame

Unfortunately the listen again link doesn't seem to be there for Tuesday so if you missed me then I'm sorry! The presenter has kindly sent me the file otherwise I wouldn't have heard it either as I was at work preparing for the board meeting when my little bit was on. My eldest belle heard it at school as her form teacher arranged for all the class to listen and my youngest caught it just before she went into her class. She was very impressed with hearing herself on the airwaves.
Lots of my colleagues heard it on their way into work so I think I provided them with the days entertainment!
As I'm not feeling to great this week, thanks to a low grade infection I'm taking back some of the time I'm owed from work and after tomorrow I'm not back in till Friday so hopefully I'll get chance to write my cards do another post office run, put up the tree and finally write again!!

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Lis said...

Feel better soon!