Friday, December 05, 2008

Reality TV addiction

Captain Feathersword and Louis Walsh - Mmm, see any resemblance?
Well, the obnoxious DVD has gone from I'm a celeb and I really don't mind who wins out of the remaining three. I do have a sneaky favoritism for Martina as she's been great throughout the whole thing. X Factor won't be as good without Ruth to root for. I suspect JLS will go next. I'd been trying to think who they reminded me of with their different coloured tops, then, when I was clearing out some of the belle's old videos it hit me - The Wiggles! Now I keep expecting Louis to dress up like Captain Feathersword and pop up on stage with them.Wiggles or JLS?


Biddy said...

I had a sneaking wish that Martina would win but was just happy DVD had gone.
They are the Wiggles!!

Nell said...

It was a good result. Vote Alexandra now to win X Factor! lol