Friday, December 26, 2008

Throwing yourself into things

I celebrated Christmas by hurling myself down the stairs this morning. I'm not too sure how it happened. One minute I was padding along the landing clutching my empty coffee mug ready to go get a refill. The next minute I was airborne. I landed on my (fortunately in this case) well-padded rear and bumped from step to step landing in an unceromonious heap four steps from the bottom and still holding my mug. I now have a nice line in black bruises all down my left arm and a small bruise forming on the right side of my bum. Once my family had ascertained that I hadn't damaged myself or the staircase my plight provided them with their entertainment for the morning.


Sally Lawton said...

Oooh, Nell - sounds horrible. Glad you're not badly hurt though and hope your bruises heal soon.


Lis said...

Ouch!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly *hugs*

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell - hope your bruises go quickly!