Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to..

Mr Nell, who shares his birthday with Jane Austen.
He might be feeling his age after this conversation with Miss La, our youngest belle.

La, tweaking Mr Nell's eyebrows - 'Grey suits you Daddy.'
Cue the rest of us to start snickering at the expression on his face. Followed by La adding -'of course if it bothers you I could get you some of that hair colour for men that would make it go brown again.'

In other news I've been aditing my project book and it now has a name as I hated the working title. It now called A Scattering of Leaves. A reminder that if you want to buy any of my Moonlit or ByGrace books you only have a short time left so Fictionwise, Lulu or All Romance e books are your places to go.
Amazon have a great preorder price on Animal Instincts if you're in the UK. Play.com also have a good preorder deal where you get free delivery.


Sally Lawton said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Nell. Ah, sounds like Miss La is a comedienne in the making!

Kate Hardy said...

Happy birthday to Mr Nell :o)

And I like your new title.

Nell said...

Thanks Kate. Sally, she's definitely a comedienne in the making.