Thursday, December 18, 2008

Run, run Rudolph

I love that ad on the TV where the garage gets raided at midnight by desperate present hunters. I love hearing Dave Edmunds singing on the backing and the looks on the peoples faces when they get windscreen wipers and car airfreshners for gifts. I keep getting the nagging feeling that I've forgotten to get something or do something or buy for somebody for Christmas but as I still can't think what it is or who it is I may have to seek inspiration from the ad. So if you get a can of de-ice or some screenwash from me this year you'll know it was you.
The man in action Did I mention I lurve Dave Edmunds?


Phillipa said...

nell - You have great taste. Dave Edmunds is great and I just love Girls Talk. He sometimes used to sing with Nick Lowe - Cruel to be Kind etc? Happy memories.

Nell Dixon said...

I have tons of his stuff, Sabre Dance, I knew the bride when she used to rock amd roll... and boy was he hot when he was younger.