Monday, December 29, 2008

Ending the year

I always think this time between Christmas and New Year is rather odd. It's as if time is suspended and there is a sense of nostalgia tinged with optimism in the air. I have so much to be thankful for this last year. My friends, my fab new job, my physio, my family, my wonderful agent, editors and publishers, my readers and my work colleagues.
The excitement of walking into WH Smiths or Waterstones for the first time and seeing my book on the shelf was a huge highpoint and one I'll never forget.
I'm looking forward to the New Year, to seeing Animal Instincts join Blue Remembered Heels on the shelves and to finishing Crystal Clear. A Scattering of leaves is shaping up nicely in my head for the next third of the story and I've started my planning for the New Year.
Family wise we've booked some sites for our holidays, some new, some old favourites and I get to spend time in my beloved Wales.
In my day job, my partner and I are drawing up business plans and keeping our fingers crossed for a big project that we have in the pipeline. If it happens life will get very hectic but it will be so worth it.
2009 will bring a lot of changes for many people I think, with the economic events around the world but I think we'll all come out of it with our values reaffirmed about the things that are truly important in life and that can only be a good thing.

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Christina Phillips said...

Ouchie on your injuries, Nell. Hope you feel better soon.

Here's to 2009. Happy New Year!