Sunday, December 14, 2008

X Factor - the finale

Alexandra won, as predicted. In the end I was hoping JLS aka the wiggles, might have stolen it but I think they could go on to be fantastic anyway so I suppose it's all good. I could have done without Alexandra's blubfest though.
Well, I still feel crappy but the tree is up and the garland is around the fireplace. I can't find my door wreath and we're not going to put up outdoor lights this year as I don't feel up to it. We have a star in the window of the family room and our tree is in the lounge bay window so that will have to do. I'm also not putting out so many of our decorations in the lounge this year - so no santa and the reindeer singing the BeeGee's or dancing Mr and Mrs Claus, or jinglebird tweeting a variety of tunes. I did let the belles get the singing santa and the dancing Christmas tree out though. Also we have the nativity sets in pride of place along with the fibreoptic tree for the dining room and the skiing fibreoptic snowman.
The cards are in a big pile waiting for Mr Nell's birthday on Tuesday. We never put them up till he's had at least a day with his cards out on their own.
I'm hoping I get well enough soon to give out our cards and presents to everyone. I'd hoped to do it this weekend but with how I feel I'm staying home watching films on TV. I just watched a really naff one about a star - very odd. I don't like fantasy stuff if it's too out there and this was most peculiar.

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Christina Phillips said...

Hope you feel better soon, Nell (((Hugs)))