Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost at an end

Well, the second pass is done and I've gone through eliminating bits of repetition, overly used favourite words and phrases and now I'm on my final edit - the backwards read through. My word count is still climbing as I catch things I hadn't seen before. I've twenty-five more chapters to do and I've added in total now almost 10k from when I started. My ending is much stronger with Tia and Josh finally getting a resolution that they deserve. I've a little pile of post it notes for things I've thought of to add into a few key scenes which I hope will make the story stronger and add impact to the emotional scenes. I've a very, very hot scene in the book too which totally flips Tia's life into a spin and I'm hoping that I've done it justice.
I should be done by the weekend and then I can get this baby off my desk and start to rescue my house from the brink of squalor!

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Phillipa said...

Well done Nell and don't orry about squalour. I don't!