Monday, February 15, 2010

And so it begins

Yep, I've started my read through and adit of Just Look at Me Now. Since I haven't read the whole thing together from start to finish and it's been so long since I wrote the first chapters it feels fresh. I've decided I actually quite like the first three chapters. Chapter four I've played with a little but I think I'll come back to that on the next pass through. I've already added almost 1k layering in emotions, tiny snippets of description, stronger verbs. I know there will be rewriting coming up soon but for now I need to focus on tightening up as I go through. It's slow work and can't be rushed, it's been a long time since I wrote in third person and I really want it to feel as strong as my first person writing. This means really focusing in on removing those pesky filter words - the she felts etc. I do enjoy this part of writing but it's time consuming and tiring, weighing every word to make sure it's the right one in the right place and it's doing the job that I want it to do. It doesn't help I suppose that I tend to invent words which my spell check really doesn't approve of.


Julie Day said...

I doing revisions to my second children's book now and like you are now, it does come across as fresh as I haven't looked at it since last July. Lots of add ins and take outs. Enjoying it.

L-Plate Author said...

Nell, I long for the day where I may get a publishing contract because until then all my little ticks and nuances will stay because I dont have any one to tell me what they are - apart from the obvious ones!

Good luck x

Phillipa said...

Good luck with the aditing, Nell P x