Monday, February 08, 2010

Pahty on

I'll draw the names tomorrow for prizes so please keep commenting and enjoy the fun. Here are some of my research pictures that I took of Brixham that helped jog my memory when I tried to recall certain places in the book.

This is the Sprat and Mackerel pub where there's a scene with Drew, Zee and Katya.

This was one of the atmospheric shots to capture the feel of the place when Zee is out jogging or walking down to the Crystal Palace in Fore Street.

The street where I placed Marla's cottage, high above the town so there's a view of the harbour

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Lizzie Lamb said...

Hi Nell. I see I'm the first one to leave a comment today. Well, first of all, Happy Birthday - - - hope you have had a great one so far. New birthday and new novel to launch. How cool is that ? I had great fun talking to you today (it was even worth the 120 mile round trip and the weak coffee!) and you've given me plenty to think about writing-wise. I love the cover of Crystal Clear, very appealing. Will have to order it from Amazon and ask you to sign it for me @ the RNA party this summer. Until then, keep up the good work; I enjoy reading your blog ! LOL, Lizzie :-)