Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Pass

Well the first read through and adit is done. The big plotholes are gone, the bulk of discrepencies caught and eliminated and just under 6k added to the word count. I'm still short of my final total but there are more pass throughs to come. The next one is my polyfiller pass - this is where I start to really fill in any tiny imperfections and cracks in the story, I change awkward phrasing and sand off the lumpy bits so the pace is smooth and there are no jarring snaggy bits to yank the reader out of my story. I've got a page of notes - mainly the could do better kind that I made on the first run through. Those are the places where I made some changes already but I wasn't 100% satisfied that I'd done enough. On this run through those are the bits I'll be looking at again in extra detail.
Already this story is much stronger for the work I've put in. Tia's character arc is shaping up now - I need to emphasis the point of change in her thinking and I need to emphasise my gorgeous, sexy hero's strengths. There is a very, very hot scene in this one! Whenever these two meet the attraction is so strong but I need to be sure the reader can feel that heat on the page.

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