Friday, February 19, 2010

Winters back

Well, we got more snow yesterday so it's nice and chilly here again. Mr Nell had his tooth out yesterday too. Luckily for him our dentist is so nice even my dentist phobic husband had to agree. Progressing well on the first round adit of Just Look at Me Now - 3k added so far with six chapters to go. I've marked a few things to look at when I do the next round. I'm now about 7k short of my target but I know those last few chapters are bad and need quite a bit of work so I anticipate it's going to take me longer to sort the ending out. I think I like this book more now. The heroine is very sweet and the hero is hot. Thank you to everyone who's emailed me and messaged me to say how much they like Crystal Clear and to congratulate me on the shortlisting. It's really helping me battle the crows while I work on Just Look at Me Now.

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