Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Writing Talk

I talked at Brierley Hill library this morning. Lovely to meet the librarians and members of the readers group. Libraries do such a wonderful job and I love going to them to meet other book enthusiasts.
Tonight is my local writers group meeting so I get to talk about writing there too - one of my favourite kind of days!
My lovely cp just sent me back her thoughts on my last two chapters of Just Look at Me Now so i'll make some tweaks and then close the file for a while before I start the rewrites and edits. In the meantime I want to write some more on You, Me and Him as it was getting very interesting!

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Julie Day said...

Did you get paid? Did you sell any of your books? If not, did they bring in copies of your book for the readers to read? Just asking so I know what to expect when I get to do talks to children's reading groups later this year, which I am organising.