Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just Look At Me Now is done - I added almost 10k in total with my editing process and I've just finished tidying up the last little bits. It's now winging it's way through cyberspace to my agent so she can read it before I send it to my lovely editor. Phew! I am so tired of looking at that story right now, it'll be good to have a rest from it for a little while. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope my agent likes it. It really is very different from my other stories so I hope I've made it work.
Tomorrow I'm going with Mr Nell to the NEC to look at boats and caravans that we can't afford. That'll give me a day out. Then once I've reclaimed the house from the dust monsters I plan to push on with You, Me and Him while I wait for the verdict on Just Look at Me Now.


Shirley Wells said...

Well done! 10k? And I thought I added a lot on my final edits.

I'm sure agent and editor will love it. Good luck!

Phillipa said...

Congratulations, Nell! Enjoy the caravan show. P xxx