Sunday, February 07, 2010

Getting ready

to pahtay! Tomorrow is my birthday so I decided to combine it with an official launch party for Crystal Clear. I'm giving stuff away, sharing some of the scenes behind the book, my playlist that I create for every book I write including the song that for me becomes 'the' song that resonates when I'm writing. So make sure you stop by and say hello for a chance to win and share some fun.


Phillipa said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Launch Day and make sure you turn up for lunch - I need to get Cr ystal Clear signed. :)

L-Plate Author said...

Hi Nell, I'm a bit early for the party but I'm at work today.

So all the best for your birthday, all the very best for your latest book launch, have a lovely lunch with your friends. And...I wish I was celebrating like that! Sounds perfect!

Mel xx