Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a week!

Well, it's been a crazy week! Being shortlisted for the Love Story of The Year was a plus point in an otherwise disasterladen seven days.
The past week has included, my youngest dd having a severe nosebleed which got her sent home from school. Mr Nell chasing a shoplifter out of Co-op. Mr Nell managing to explode a full very large casserole dish of chicken casserole all over my kitchen. Mr Nell getting an abcess under a damaged tooth that's meant him (and me) getting no sleep for two nights and he then had to miss my birthday dinner out last night with my parents. Luckily Miss Boo came with us instead. So all in all a very lively time in the Nell household.
Now though, it's time to knuckle down and read through Just Look at Me Now ready to start the adits - I must admit I can't wait to start pulling it to bits and rewriting. My fingers are twitchy with anticipation!

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Susan Rix said...

Wow, Nell, that is one crazy week you've had! Hope your dd and Mr Nell are now both on the mend.

Mega congrats on being shortlisted! Keeping everything crossed for you.

Sue xx
[who *should* be receiving Crystal Clear and Loves Me Love Me Not next week. :=D]