Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Friday fun 4

I thought today we'd have a recipe. This one is taken from Marjorie Cashmore's book "A Feast of Memories: Black Country Food and Life at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century" which was published in 1986 by Westwood Press.

Groaty Pudding or Groaty Dick

0.5 lb groats 1 bay leaf (optional)
1.5 lbs shin of beef Hot water to cover
1lb leeks Salt and Pepper
2 medium sized onions

Cut the beef into bite-size pieces, slice the leeks and onions. Place all the ingredients in a stew jar or casserole dish and bake slowly for at least three hours, longer if possible. Serve with crusty bread. A thicker version of this, with more groats and less meat, was all some families could afford. It was spread on bread so that each member could have something warm and filling.

(Marjorie says that groats are oats with the husks removed but before they are ground to produce oatmeal or steamed then rolled to make rolled oats or flakes. Groats have the highest nutritional value of any cereal.)

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Jessica Raymond said...

Mmm, sounds nice! Have you ever made it?