Sunday, February 17, 2008

More sun!

It's been chilly but sunny here today. We had a drive out to collect Mr Nell's new car. The countryside looked so lovely with a crisp white frost, bright blue sky and faint mist clinging to the ground in the fields. There was even a hot air balloon floating overhead.
I finished the sixteenth chapter of Animal Instincts and sent it off to Jess in between organising all the different pick ups and drop offs for dance rehearsals and cooking dinner. Phew! The show is in four weeks, Alice in Wonderland this year and I've heaps of costumes to label and hang, elastics to stitch, Boo needs new ballet shoes and eldest needs new tapshoes. Great.
Now to find all the school stuff ready for tomorrow and Tuesday because it would be too easy if they all went back the same day.

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Sally Lawton said...

Sounds manic! :) I love Alice In Wonderland. Many moons ago I played the March Hare, I loved it!