Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny side up

Today was my first day back since my treatment to my leg. So far so good, leg is still on lol. It's just so nice to be getting my life back. Talking of my life, I've generally been doing some reorganising and hopefully I'll be making some positive changes soon.
Still no news on Charlie Darling - but I'm working on my 'big book' and started doing some tidying on Animal Instincts before I write the last few chapters. I've lots of things going into my ideas file for future stories too, so at the moment it's all good.
Isn't it amazing the difference a bit of sunshine makes?


Ray-Anne said...

Best of luck with the job and the submission. And yes, sunshine does make a huge difference! Have a great day at work - they must be thrilled to have you back.

Phillipa said...

Glad that the first day back has gone well - and good luk with all your projects. Remember you said you were going to tell us some tips on how to work on several at once...

Michelle Styles said...

Wonderful news that you are back at work.

I am pleased Animal Instincts is nearly finished.
Hooray that you are going to be working on a Big Book