Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 Friday fun 5

Aynuk and Ayli are standing in Aynuks back garden, Aynuks next door neighbour is running up and down his back garden pretending he's riding a motorbike.
Ayli says, "whats up wi im?"
Aynuk says, "tek no notice he's saft in the yed he thinks he's in the Isle o mon in the TT rerces."
Ayli says, "but he ay got a bike yo orter tell him,"
"Bugger off." says Aynuk, "he pays me a fiver a wik to clean it."

Courtesy of Dave Clark, Shropshire

Aynuk and Ayli had had an argument and hadn't spoken to each other for over a month. One day Aynuk see's Ayli walking towards him on the opposite side of the road and being the more Forgiving calls to him, "is that yo Ayli?"
A voice comes back, "no it ay,"
Aynuk say's "well bugger yer then. This ay me neither."

Courtesy of Dave Clark, Shropshire

Ayli sees Aynuk in a railway cutting sprinting along in front of a train.
Ayli : Hey Aynuk. Why don't yer run up the bonk?
Aynuk : If I cor bayt it on the straight I cor bayt it up the bonk!

courtesy of Hugh Knight

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