Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting the needle

Congratulations to the lovely Kate Hardy on winning the romance prize for Breakfast at Giovanni's. She is now the proud keeper of the Betty Neels rosebowl for this year. There is a lovely account on her blog and pictures - link is in my sidebar.

I finaly got my injections yesterday. I still feel a bit as if a horse has kicked me but already the nagging ache has gone and Mr Nell says I'm walking better. I hope the treatment lasts a full year as it was really painful - worse than when I've had my spinals. I've been told I'll be sore for a few days then I need to move the joint and see how much movement I have. I have a meeting tomorrow with occupational health so we can plan a return to work and hopefully with my new little car I can pick up my life again.

I still need to sell Baby, my darling Kia, I hate advertising cars - why does it always bring out the nutters? But that should be sorted in the next couple of weeks then we can collect the new big car for Mr Nell.


Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Nell - and it's such a thrill to have my name engraved next to yours!

Hope you're feeling less sore and more mobile asap.

Lis said...

*hugs* Hope you're feeling a little less sore and a lot better soon :)

Congrats to Kate!

Ray-Anne said...

So sorry to hear that it is nasty -hope you are feeing better and back on form soon.
Take care- Ray-Anne