Thursday, February 07, 2008

Reasons to be cheerful

I finally had a response from M&B on my request for a status update on Charlie. Hopefully I might hear something soon. Obviously I'm hoping it'll be good but I've kind of accepted that it may not be. Fingers crossed though and at least I know it hasn't been R'd and I didn't know which was my big fear after all this time.
I need to see my GP to get permission to go back to work, it looks as if it will be a staged return on restrictions but at least things are moving.
My leg still hurts but is getting better. I'm walking better although my balance is a bit iffy and I can sit on a chair for about fifteen minutes now.
I'm enjoying reading all the reports and seeing the pictures of the RNA lunch and so looking forward to hearing about the M&B 'do'. When the highlight of your week is a supervised trip to Aldi you need to live vicariously.

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Donica Covey said...

Bat luck!