Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Drillings and fillings.

Middle belle had a teeny tiny filling. She attempted to talk all the way through it and told the dentist that the sucker tickled. Youngest has lovely teeth but not necessarily in the right place, he assures me they wil move into position as she loses more baby teeth. She has a small jaw though so wil need a brace later. Eldest belle also had a filling as she has very soft teeth. This is inherited so not much we can do about it. She got a reprieve for another six months on the brace decision but judging by her squeamishness just for a tiny filling I'm not looking forward to it.
My GP has agreed to let me try going back to work - yay! I've promised to be good and do my exercises, take my painkillers and to use a stick if needed.
The fish are looking better after just one dose of fishybiotics - phew.
The sun is shining, the belles are rollerblading in front of the house and my lounge is still full of gorgeous flowers from my birthday.
My friend Michelle Styles - a fountain of wisdom and generally fab person - has some good words of advice for writing on her blog today. (Link is in my sidebar)

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