Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ashley and Dixon

If you look Here at Phillipa's blog you'll see we are reprising our double act at Burntwood Library - 2pm Thursday. Take part in the discussion/vote on crimebusting duo's.
I'm feeling a bit light-headed today after tearing a load of my writing to bits and then reassembling again with the help of my brilliant critique partner. But, it's all good...

Personally I think Phillipa and I are more Ethel and Lucy.


Phillipa said...

Ethel and Lucy... bit before my time darling. tee hee.

Hugs on the writing shedding - it will all be alright on the night.

Julie Day said...

Good luck with the talk tomorrow. Will be interested to hear what happens and what you both said and answered to as it could be be this time next year on my children's book.