Saturday, September 13, 2008


I realised I haven't posted much about my writing progress for a while. I've been working on Crystal Clear - almost 20k done on that. I even have a little soundtrack made up for the story which helps me when I need to get things buzzing in my brain.
Radio Nowhere and Girls in their summer clothes by Bruce SpringsteenLISTEN
Photograph - Nickelback
All summer long - Kid Rock
Turn it up - The Feeling
and for the end of the book when i know it's going to be really emotional this is going to sound like a really wierd choice but inspirationally, it works - What I go to school for - Busted
Even my physio is helping - I have to keep completely stiil while I'm on the machine for twenty minutes and the physios give me magazines to read - wow! Got the idea for the next book already from those.
I'm also 10k into another different project - this one is a bit scary and I'm feeling my way a bit as it's a slightly different kind of thing but I always think you have to push yourself if you're to grow as a writer and this falls into my challenge zone.
How about you all? What's everyone reading and writing? Anyone else with a playlist?


Kate Hardy said...

yes to the playlist, Nell - Manic Street Preachers (Motorcycle Emptiness), Green Day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) and Radiohead (Street Spirit). ... As you can probably guess from that little lot, my hero is currently in a bit of a dark place and needs hauling into the light by the heroine.

(But at least he has a kitchen floor, mutter, mutter.)

Christina Phillips said...

Well I don't make playlists, but when I get a bit stuck I stick on Bat Out of Hell and Meatloaf soon gets my muse into gear!!!

Lis said...

I can honestly say I'm stunned to see Kid Rock on your list :o) I love that song! I always make playlists for the ms. I think it stems from my fanfic days. For this one, I'm listening to a lot of Criss Angel (dark, metalish type music) but I'm already putting the list together for the next one:

Faithfully & Open Arms by Journey
Lonely Road of Faith; Cold and Empty; Picture by Kid Rock

Amanda Ashby said...

I haven't been listening to any music while I write lately, but when I do my exercise I've been right into David Bowie and Muse - somehow they both seem to fit together!!!!!

Nell said...

My playlist is a bit nostalgic feeling as my hero and heroine have a lot of unfinished business from the past. I love Meatloaf and Bowie. Lots of rock on these lists isn't there?
Kid Rock is fun and that track is all about a summer teen romance perfect for my book.