Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little surprises

Today has been quite nice. The post bought me some lovely surprises - my friend Olivia Gates new book for Desire - The Desert King. Can't wait to read it! It's one of the Throne of Judar series. I also got a Sylvanian bear keychain courtesy of my friend Wendy in the US so now my car keys won't get lost in my bag as they have a cute little bear wearing a yellow hat and coat attached to them.
I also got some nice emails from readers today too - I love hearing from readers especially when they've enjoyed the books.
I made the man at the tax office laugh when I rang to ask if they'd got my returns. I sent them five weeks ago and normally by now I have the bill so I was worried they might not have got them. I promised not to spend the money!
I ordered new calendars and pens as I'm almost out of pens and everyone has been asking me if I'm doing calendars this year as they liked last years.
I got my hair cut at last too so I look a bit less like Animal from the Muppets. Lots of my jobs are all ticked off now so I'm good to write. Time for another chapter of Crystal Clear I think.

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