Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things I've learned from watching Disney

I don't get to see much grown up TV. I do see a lot of the Disney Channel and feel I've learned a lot about the life of a teenager in the USA from this valuable service.

1. All US teens live in large houses with bedrooms as big as a barn which have been decorated by Ty.

2. They all have a friend who is a little 'quirky' or as we might say here 'a brick short of a load.'

3. They all wear whatever they like to school and have changes of outfit in their tardis like lockers.

4. The nasty girl at school is always a cheerleader - cheerleaders are not nice.

5. It is desirable to date the sports team captain who is not very bright.

6. Number five is not allowable. The dim sports guy must date the evil cheerleader.

7. No one has spots or bad hair - ever.

8. All US schools have food fights in their dining halls.

9. Everyone can sing - even the cheerleaders.

10. They all have a band and are allowed to play as loud as they like in a garage without anyone ever complaining.

I now consider myself an expert in this field and look forward to watching Nickolodeon where I understand I can watch Australian teens turning into mermaids.


Julie Cohen said...

It was exactly like that for me.

Christina Phillips said...

heheh - so funny Nell! And I am so jealous of those bedrooms!!

Pat Posner said...

And there was me thinking I was missing out because we haven't got Sky!

Mima said...

and all teens are so incredibly melodramatic and excitable.

Really cute Nell. Sadly, it isn't the teen audience that sees those shows, it's the 7-12's. That's what they're being taught to expect.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing's changed since I was a teenager two decades ago. Great list, BTW.

Sandra Fowke said...

I completely agree and the joke is that I turned on the Disney channel for the kids recently and my son very tactfully told me that he didn't want it any more because, in his words, he felt "embarresed for the kids" in the shows... *slow blink*

Nell said...

I have now seen the ending of the new film - Camp Rock sixteen times - nothing else - just the ending because my daughters assure me it's the best bit. Thank God for My Parents are Aliens at nine - which is absolutely brilliant and cracks me up every time.

Heather said...


I'd love a bedroom like that myself. Great post, Nell. LOL

Amy W. said...

Wow, I wish someone had enforced those rules when I was an American teen. Well except the whole cheerleaders are evil bit, but it was only half of them the rest were very nice.
Amy W.
P.S. The end of Camp Rock is the ONLY good part.