Monday, September 08, 2008

Ranty Mc Ranty pants

I'm not a happy bunny. In the six weeks holidays as you all know I bought tons of new school uniform. Various bits for eldest - everything new for middle and everything new except her PE shorts for the littlest belle. Now despite the adverts uniform is not cheap. Especially not the items you have no choice but to buy from the school stockists like - shall we say, sweaters embroidered with the school logo?
So you can imagine I wasn't to impressed when after 2 days of wear the youngest belles sweatshirt frayed all around the one cuff and showed wear along the seams of both arms at the point where a child would rest their arms on the desk.
Unsurprisingly I took it back and was given a list of things you can't do with a school jumper from this manufacturor, like wash it with fabric conditioner?
Um, it's two days old, I could have washed it with neat bleach and it still shouldn't look like that. It's 100% acrylic! I've had silk and cashmere wear better than that.
The shop is sending it back to the maker for them to run tests - yeah right, like they'll admit they make naff overpriced shoddy school uniform that beleagured parents have no choice but to buy. In the meantime I had to buy another sweater from a different manufacturor and joy of joys if the original makers do admit it was faulty (insert snort of derision) then I'll get a refund.
School uniform should be wash and wear, no iron, no fancy instructions, just bung in the machine and good to go. This business of putting logo's and embroidering polo and sweatshirts should be stopped if they don't meet a wash and wear criteria.
Oh, and don't get me started on the school's so-called washable paint that they use for art!


Pat Posner said...

Oh, Nell
I do sympathise!
I hope you feel better for your rant *smile* and, more than that, I hope you get a refund + a freebie.

Michelle Styles said...

Ummm, yes well I think the manufacturer and store will find that it was defective material. There is an implied/explicit contract and certain obligations like the clothes lasting longer than two weeks.
But they do have to do tests first.

Amanda Ashby said...

Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. On. This!!!!! I tried to take back a pair of track pants yesterday. They were for my 6 year old son and apparently the holes in the knees are considered normal wear and tear. They are two weeks old!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr. Btw, the guy who did the mot on our car the other day was from Black Country!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Blimey, Nell - they should last a lot longer than that.

Know what you mean about cheap school uniform. DH decided to be "helpful" and buy some extra polo shirts for Madam... and two weeks later they looked scruffier than the ones that were two terms old.

Christina Phillips said...

When my son started his new school last year (they start in Feb here - very confusing for me) within two weeks his sweater was pulling away from the V-neck and looked revolting. So many people complained the school returned all the sweaters to the manufactures for repair. It turned out the manufactures had used the wrong stitching!!!