Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fame at last!

The October edition of Writers Forum magazine which is on the stands now has a feature on my office! Yes, my slovenly housekeeping skills are now exposed to the world all across the back page. So if you want to see where I work, play spider solitaire and drink coffee it's all there.
Before I was published I used to occassionally buy Writers forum and Writers magazine, not often as I couldn't afford it, and dream I might get a letter published in them or make a mention someday. I would devour every word of wisdom from the mega published authors that offered advice on it's pages and follow every grain of wisdom that might apply to me.
I still keep pinching myself every day that I'm published and people can read things that I've written. The Cinderella Substitute was my first book so gets a special mention in the article and I can't believe that was only 2006. A lot's happened in a very short space of time.


Lis said...

How very cool :o)

Julie Day said...

Must go and look for it in the shops then. Frame it and put it up in your office.

Phillipa said...

That is so cool Nell. I bet your office is WAY more organised than mine.

You deserve to be a star in Writers Forum.

Christina Phillips said...

Nell how very cool! I bet your office isn't half as messy as my desk though!!!