Monday, September 22, 2008

Taxes and me

Yay! The bill finally came - one tinsy snag - no payment slip with it. So, I rang the incredibly lovely and helpful people at the Inland Revenue. (I suspect they have an 'idiot' stamp on my file)I explained that I wanted to pay it and they said I could wait till January till they send out a statement.
Mmm, January - who has money in January?? I like to get things done and in order in case I make an error - easily done when you're number blind. I explained this to the nice man and he then helpfully told me how I could do it and re ran the figures and found an overpayment from last year so it bought the bill down a little bit. I told him I was glad I'd rung. We had a nice chat and a laugh. So, now I'm all straight and good to go for the next year - a huge load off my mind.
My new pens came today too - they're very red and gorgeous - can't wait to see the calendars.

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