Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, we now have new shiny biometric passports. Hotel is booked, confernce is booked - just the flights to go. Looks as if we will have to go from Heathrow which is a bit of a bummer as all the other flights seem to want us to travel via Frankfurt or Amsterdam or somewhere weird and will take us forever to get there.
I got my new cover today for Animal Instincts - it's gorgeous! I'll post it up soon so you can all admire it's marvellousness lol. Right now I'm chasing up a million things for the trip - like what can I carry on the plane? How early do we have to be for the flight? Can I take my laptop and use it on the plane? Argh, all these things that I don't know!
I did buy two Betty Neels and a Veronica Henry book today in Peterborough to sooth my frazzled nerves. Oh, and Peterborough has a beautiful cathedral.

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