Monday, September 29, 2008


Everything is manic at the moment with arrangements for the trip and a thousand and one other things all needing my attention. The flights are booked - Heathrow it is - now to figure out how we get there and back. I have some dollars and flight socks - I know, the heady glamour of it all! I wonder if Posh Spice wears sexy black flight socks on long distance flights? Maybe her circulation is better than mine.
Animal Instincts now has the cover up on Amazon - squee!! Next step is finding out what i can take on the flight and using my laptop and how I can charge it up etc. I also need to find a bag for my clothes - stuff I never have to worry about when we go on holiday in the touring caravan.


Julie Cohen said...

Hooray! How exciting.

I'm reading Blue Remembered Heels and the moment and loving it!

Julie Day said...

The cover looks great. As I said in Julie C's blog today, LBD do great covers for their authors.

I can now sympathise with you about the flight stockings for your circulation because I have just found out that I have poor circulation and will have to wear compression stockings during the day, hopefully not permanently. I hope you have a good trip and enjoy the experience, even if it's for work