Thursday, September 25, 2008


Heading off to get the passport renewed tomorrow along with my colleague, Tim, who's going to Philadelphia with me. I think once we have renewed shiny passports in our hot little hands it will finally sink in that we're really going.
So much left to do! I need dollars and to move appointments and get the belles sorted out and pay my bills and top up my phone and and and...
Going any further than Wolverhampton is a big day out for me - this is just mind-blowing.

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Julie Cohen said...

Excellent! I was born in Philadelphia and my brother lives there. It's a beautiful city with lots of history. And the food...yum.

Hooray for you and your trip!

You will probably find you can get US dollars at many US cashpoints for a small (US$2) fee with your UK bank card. I never change money before I go, any more. Though it's less hassle once you get there to have some cash with you.