Monday, February 16, 2009


As it's half term I took Miss La shopping this morning for items she needs for her residential holiday next week. New trainers, pyjamas, a track suit and shorts. More money, I wouldn't mind but this holiday is so ridiculously expensive already and they don't go till next Monday afternoon and return on Friday lunchtime. It's costing more than we spend on a fortnights holiday in the tourer for all five of us and they're only going to Staffordshire!
Next stop was the dentists for all three of them. I may have mentioned this before but our dentist is very nice - he looks like Vin Diesel. Fortunately they all got a clean bill of health so that's done for another six months.
I'm hoping I might squeeze in some writing time at some point today but next stop is Miss La's guitar lesson.

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Julie Day said...

Sounds like you are having the joys of being a mother of 3 girls. Hope you get some time to write in between motherhood. I am going to the dentist next week for a routine check up. Ho Hum.